Landscaping & Driveway Company in Walton-on-Thames | Designing a Small Garden

As a time-served landscaping company with more than 10 years of trade and industry experience, Across The Border Landscapes has significant experience in optimising small gardens. Our personnel combine their expertise with natural creative visions, helping homeowners in Walton-on-Thames with space limitations develop design ideas. Whether its minimal artificial grass, a stylish garden patio or decorative yet secure garden fencing, we deliver stunning results that exceed expectations. This extends to our work in front gardens as a driveway company, where we don’t compromise on aesthetics or functionality simply due to smaller dimensions.


As an independent, family-run landscaping company, we work on garden transformation projects day in, day out. As a result, we are full of imaginative ideas and operate with an attention to detail that brings out the very best in small outside spaces across Walton-on-Thames and Surrey, including:


  • Our landscaping and driveway company doesn’t believe in negative space. We implement perfect environmental balance in even the smallest gardens
  • Adding greenery to tight courtyards by introducing living walls. These take the mind away from suburbia to somewhere more tranquil
  • Use artificial grass to turn a roof terrace into a green space that requires no cutting or specialist equipment to keep it looking pristine and clean
  • If your garden only has room for one or two features and you enjoy socialising, we lay garden patios in a range of materials, colours and patterns
  • Make your garden fencing bold and distinctive, or even match its colour to those of your plants. With tight space, every feature needs to play its part
  • Consider segmenting the available space for a larger appearance. Use garden fencing to create different sections designed for multiple uses


As a landscaping company, we have a wealth of further ideas to complement small gardens. These include oversized flagstones, in-built corner seats, ambient lighting and much more. When combined with above features like artificial grass, garden patios and garden fencing, we make light work of small gardens.


Naturally, the personnel that make up our landscaping and driveway company have just as much experience working in large, expansive gardens too. We don’t believe in limitations, so we treat projects of any size in Walton-on-Thames as an opportunity to realise the full potential of a garden.


No matter how much or how little space you have in your garden, we remain the landscaping company of choice to transform it into a cherished space.

If you live in Walton-on-Thames and require more information about artificial grass, garden patios, garden fencing or any other landscaping service, call 01483 726 013.

Across The Border Landscapes
Across The Border Landscapes