From Garden Fencing to a Garden Patio in Guildford | Current Landscaping Trends

Here at Across The Border Landscapes, we share more than a decade of experience as a landscaping company and driveway company. As such, we have seen design trends come and go. While some remain timeless and never truly fall out of fashion, others have a short shelf life and disappear into obscurity. Garden landscaping has a highly personal quality, and we always work to specifications set by our customers in Guildford, but naturally, we try to develop ideas in line with trends that hold their appeal long into the future.


From design staples like garden patios and garden fencing to newcomers such as artificial grass, landscaping trends evolve like any other industry. Below, we have taken a closer look at some of the current trends influencing the work we undertake as a landscaping and driveway company.


Keep it Low Maintenance


Whether in Guildford or any surrounding area, when it comes to gardens, mess equals stress. As such, our landscaping company continues to receive requests that help to keep garden maintenance to a minimum. This includes fitting artificial grass, laying an expansive garden patio or replacing old, troublesome garden fencing with a new strong and secure option.


This extends to trees and shrubs. If you have a tree that sheds its leaves into a pond every year, or a shrub that encroaches on a pathway, consider replacing them with a lower maintenance alternative.


Create Focal Points


If you are investing a feature like a garden patio, decking or even garden fencing, it makes sense for them to become the central focus of your garden. You will see them every day, visitors to your home will see them if you socialise outdoors, so why not make them a focal point? This can include anything from using eye-catching materials to creating a bespoke pattern, especially with block paving.


As a driveway company, we also create such focal points in the front garden. Driveways hold a prominent place in front of homes in Guildford and beyond, so making them truly special not only adds more kerb appeal, it also increases property resale value too.


Climate Change Gardens


As summer temperatures continue to rise, our landscaping company has seen an increasing number of requests to make gardens more resilient. This includes anything from introducing plants that store water and fend for themselves to replacing a lawn with artificial grass. To further cut down on water usage, garden patios can extend even further into the garden itself.


This includes our work as a driveway company too, as an increasing amount of Guildford homeowners sacrifice most or all their front garden for a surfaced alternative.

For more inspiration about garden fencing, garden patios, artificial grass and more in the Guildford area, talk with a proven landscaping company on 01483 726 013.

Across The Border Landscapes
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